How Jigsaw to Cut Laminate Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

A jigsaw is a handy tool for cutting laminate flooring, but it’s also vulnerable to chipping the surface coating. For this reason, it’s best to cut from the back of the board when possible.

When you need to make curved cuts with your jigsaw, though, this isn’t always practical because you have to reverse the measurements and are more likely to get them wrong.

These two techniques will help minimize chipping when cutting face-up: using a laminate-cutting blade in your saw or employing another technique that is just as effective.

Laminate flooring is a great and inexpensive way to get your home something new. When installing the product, you will need certain tools that make jigsaw to cut laminate flooring easy for you!

How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut Laminate Flooring Steps:

jigsaw to cut laminate flooring

You’ve got to be ready for some serious business before cutting. You need the jigsaw and supplies, but most importantly you should have an experienced eye in order not get confused by what is really important when it comes time to cut things up!

Step 1: Draw your Cut Line

To get an accurate cut, it’s important that you take your measurements and draw out a straight line on the laminate. Make sure not only are they parallel but also in perfect verticality with each other or else your final product won’t look good!

One of the best ways to protect your floor from being damaged is by making sure you only cut on an upward slant. This will spare it from having cuts made in places where there is nothing but drywall or carpet below, which can really grab onto those materials.

Step 2: Place Tape and Draw the Line Again

One way to prevent chipping is by taking an extra step with your blade.

Once you have your cut line, carefully place the masking tape on the top. You want a small margin overlapping each side once it’s set to make sure nothing gets missed!

Once all three strips are tacked down with an even overlap in between them (to give yourself plenty of room), drawback up through where we left off before cutting- now using only intersecting lines as guides/reference points rather than straight cuts because those looks are messier anyway.

Step 3: Safety Gear

If you want to maintain the accuracy of your straight cuts, consider using a guide. There are several that can be bought or made for jigsaws and they work well in maintaining precision when making imperfect shapes like this one!

To make sure your straight cuts are accurate, you should consider using a guide. There is plenty of choice in guides available or even making one yourself with some woodworking skills!

Always be sure to wear your protective equipment and make certain that the flooring project doesn’t end up in an emergency room.

Step 4: Clamp the Board

The blade should be spinning and cutting into the board. Make sure it is securely clamped in place with enough clearance for both yourself, as well as any other pedestrians on your street!

In order to prevent any scratches on the surface of your new laminate floor, you should support both sides with a hand or two as it begins cutting.

Once all set up and ready for action, let out some extra slack so that the saw’s blade is flush against its teeth before initiating motion – this will help avoid uncomfortable accidents from occurring while moving through tough spots!

Step 5: Complete the Cut

The jigsaw should be held at a steady and controlled pace. If you can complete the cut in one pass, this will give you a cleaner finish than if it takes more than one go-around on your project!

Advantages of Using a Jigsaw to cut laminate flooring

Jigsaws are great for cutting laminate flooring. They can be used with many other power tools, giving you more versatility than traditional saws!

Jigsaws are an extremely versatile and useful tool. With the arsenal of power tools available, however, why would one reach for their trusty jigsaw? Here are some key advantages that set them apart from other saws:

For those who are looking to save some money, these best jigsaws will be the perfect option. They have better quality than table saws and can get cut through tough materials with relative ease.

There are few tools for making curved cuts cleanly. It’s an art that has been perfected over time and is only done by the best of them!

If you want to be able to get highly accurate straight cuts, use a guide or fence.

For those who are looking to cut through the laminate, you can get the Best jigsaw blades that will be specifically made for this purpose.

Final Words:

When you’re cutting laminate flooring to size, a jigsaw is your best bet. This guide will show you how to use this versatile jigsaw to cut laminate flooring installation by walking through the four steps of using one with confidence. If all looks good on paper but it doesn’t translate well in real life, don’t worry!

We can help walk you through any issue that might pop up during installation so that your new floors are installed without any problems or delays. What have been some challenges when installing DIY laminate? Have these tips helped? Let us know in the comments below!

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