How to Use and Cut With Jigsaws – Best Jigsaw Guide

A jigsaw is one of the most versatile and adaptable power tools you can have in your workshop. It can cut through materials. For example, wood, metal, laminate, and PVC, as well as make straight and curved cuts without any problem. When working with a jigsaw, make sure to utilize the right blade for the material you’re cutting and wear safety gear. So you must follow the following guidelines for how to use a jigsaw safely and get good results on all types of projects.

Steps How to Use a Jigsaw and What can you do with a jigsaw

Plugin the saw or put in the battery pack:

When you have your jigsaw blade secured, plug the cord into a close-by outlet so you can reach all the areas you require to cut. On the off chance that you have a cordless jigsaw. Embed the battery pack into the port on the back of the machine.

  • Whenever you aren’t utilizing your jigsaw, unplug it so you don’t incidentally turn it.
  • Coil the cord once around your prevailing arm so the cord doesn’t hang down freely.

Wear safety glasses and a dust mask:

Before you make any cuts, cover your mouth and nose with a face cover so you don’t breathe any dust. Protect your eyes with safety and wellbeing glasses in case any of your material kicks back towards you.

Clamp your material to your work surface:

Ensure the area where you plan on making your cuts stretches out over the edge of your work surface. Use at least 2 C-clamps on the edge of your work surface to hold the material strong. If it still moves around easily, utilize extra clamps or rest a heavy object on the opposite end of the material.

  • On the off chance that you have to cut a hole in the center of your material, balance it between 2 sawhorses so you can undoubtedly cut through it without harming your work surface.
  • You don’t have to utilize clamps in case you’re making a vertical cut on a wall.

Squeeze the trigger on the handle to start:

Find the power trigger underneath the handle on top of the saw. Then secondly pull the trigger to start the blade, and keep it held down until you’re done with your cut.

  • Most jigsaws have a lock switch close to the trigger. On the off chance that your jigsaw has one, push it with your thumb to lock the trigger so you don’t have to hold it the entire time.

Adjust the speed of your blade:

Find the dial on the front of the machine over the blade to adjust the speed. The blade moves quicker when the dial is set to a higher number. Keep the speed delayed from the start until you get used to utilizing your best jigsaw.

  • Utilize a slower speed when you need to make exact cuts or when you’re cutting through metal.
  • A few jigsaws have a variable-speed trigger, which means the blade will move faster when you crush it harder.

Draw the line you want to cut with a pencil:

Utilize a straightedge or a compass to follow the line that you need to follow with your jigsaw. At the point when you cause your cut, follow along the outside of the mark so you don’t inadvertently overcut your material.

Video Guide How to use a Jigsaw.


I hope you learn a lot from this worthy guide about how to use a jigsaw and you will do your woodworking work easily with the help of this guide.

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