How to Change a Jigsaw Blade Quickly and Easily Guide

There are a number of different ways to change the blade on your jigsaw. How you do it is dependent on the type of blade, and what kind of jigsaw you have.

One of the most helpful skills to know is how to change a jigsaw blade. Whether it’s worn out or bent, you’ll need a regular replacement for your tool!

The blades of a jigsaw are like the teeth on an engine. They must always be adapted to whatever material you’re cutting and how hard your task at hand is, but this sometimes calls for changing out various pieces in order to keep things running smoothly!

In this article, you can read in detail how to proceed correctly and professionally when changing a jigsaw blade.

Reasons to change the jigsaw blade

It’s time for a new blade! When the old one has worn down, it can cause your jigsaw to be less accurate and even more irritating.

It may also burn you in places if it’s there all day long while working on something small or big with lots of detailed work happening at once- like making my dream kitchen come true someday soon…

In both cases, you must change the blade. If only one side has come off and not too much then it may still be possible to saw with that portion of your tool but I would never do so myself as there’s no point in risking injury when an alternative is available!

Jigsaws are essential for any workshop, especially the one that deals in both wood and metal. If you change from cutting through a piece of logs to slicing apart an engine block then it’s time to get out your new blade!

The teeth on these blades may look similar but they’re not made with identical materials which means there’s no point using them if their purpose is different.

How to Change a Jigsaw Blade: tips & tricks

How to Change a Jigsaw Blade

  • For safety reasons, first, pull the plug out of your outlet so that you don’t accidentally start sawing away when someone else moves or knocks into it.
  • The jigsaw blade is a surprisingly dangerous tool. If you don’t wear gloves, your hands could get cut up badly by this piece of metal!
  • With a little force, you can easily and safely pull out the jigsaw blade without getting hurt.
  • If you are planning on changing the jigsaw blade before starting a project, make sure that there aren’t any wood chips or other contaminants in your teeth saw.
  • It’s important to make sure dirt doesn’t get into the plug mechanism.
  • Not just a single type of jigsaw blade, but multiple types can be used with each machine. This means you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong one if it’s from your own manufacturer!

How to Change a Keyless Jigsaw Blade:

  • Firstly remove the protective cover from a jigsaw.
  • Secondly, you will need to turn the lever on this stem in order for you to install the file.
  • Push the lever to release it, then move the file into position for clamping.

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Change the jigsaw blade Step by Step:

Before you replace the saw blade with a new one, there is no harm in reading through instructions and studying safety.

Experience shows again and again that these are specially tailored to the conditions of your jigsaw, so they cannot be transferred from one device.

Safety tips

When using a jigsaw, always make sure that the blade is off and any cords are disconnected.

When you use a safety net, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

It comes to changing your jigsaw blade, make sure that you wait until after the machine has completely cooled down.

You may want to wait a few minutes because of the blade and holder. Both can get very hot, so you could literally burn your fingers if they touch anywhere on or near them!

STEP 1. Remove Bars Jigsaw

To safely remove a saw blade, it is first necessary to detach any protection that may be hindering you. This includes removing bars and hoods as well!

Fortunately, most saw blades have a hexagon design to provide stability and safety. This makes changing the blade simple enough for anyone with practice in handling tools!

The key is usually included with the jigsaw so that only requires two fingers to remove. The special saw blade can then be slowly taken off and let go of quickly before it flies into your face like an automatic weapon!

STEP 2. Put New Jigsaw Blade

Reinserting a new blade is the easiest way to start sawing again. Just make sure you select one that’s the best jigsaw blade for next time around!

Place the leaflet in such a way that it is facing forward and can be used from where you took out the old sheet.

Carefully insert the new saw blade as far into your jigsaw that it will go. Make sure you are straight and precise with every cut, so no matter what material or shape is being worked on there will be an even amount all around!

If you think it is firmly fixed, give the leaflet a little tug and make sure that there’s no give when pulling.

If you’re not careful, the blade might come loose and cause injury. Even worse? It could be thrown out at high speeds which poses a great risk for people working nearby!

STEP 3. Screw the Hexagon

As soon as you have the new jigsaw blade in place and its teeth point towards your goal, namely the front of the machine, you’ve already done everything up until now.

Now all you have to do is turn the hexagon over so that there are no points facing up, and screw it tight.

STEP 4. Switch on the jigsaw

Don’t tighten these screws too much or you might not be able to remove them again when it’s time for a change in jigsaw blade!

All locking bolts and protective devices must be returned to their original position. I know it’s a pain, but you’ll thank yourself later when everything is put back where it belongs!

You’ll only need to switch on the jigsaw when you want more information about it.

To make sure you have a secure grip on your blade, press down with all of the force in order to prevent it from cutting. If there are no cracks or signs that say otherwise then congratulations!

Your saw is good as new and ready for action- if not… repeat steps 1 through 3 until satisfied because an injury can happen quickly when handling these tools improperly so be careful!


Why do you need to change a jigsaw blade?

Just like with wood, when cutting metal or plastic, or even drywall and roofing shingles, the edge of a blade wears down and becomes less sharp.

This can make cutting more difficult and put you at risk for injury. Changing your jigsaw blade is the only way to keep it in top condition for precise cuts both now and into the future!

How to Change a Jigsaw Blade?

The t-shaped blade head of the jigsaw requires no tool to fasten it, unlike U-blades which are only compatible with a specific type. Most models can accept both types but there isn’t an awful lot that separates them other than appearance!


We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to how to change a jigsaw blade. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about other power tools or how they work.

If you want help with anything that we’ve covered today, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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