DeWalt DW317K Jigsaw Review: A Powerful, Fast Cutting Orbital Jigsaw

The Dewalt dw317k is a powerful, fast-cutting jigsaw that can cut through the hardest materials with the right blade. It offers variable speed control for power optimization and efficiency.

This versatile tool is great for any level of user, from beginner to expert. The Dewalt dw317k review gives you everything you need to know about this product!

For many professionals, the DeWalt jigsaw is one of their go-to tools for cutting wood. It’s because it has features that make this device so great! For instance, its usability and versatility will help you in any job situation while also being built to last with durability in mind.

These Dewalt dw317k power tools are perfect for you if cutting is your job. We recommend them because of their design, size, and performance capabilities – read more in this guide!

Short Summary of Dewalt DW317k Jigsaw Review:

The DeWalt DW317K is a great buy  and it is also the best jigsaw for anyone who needs an affordable, high-quality tool. It can be especially ideal if you’re on the go and might not use your power drill often enough to justify paying more than necessary in some cases (like when buying something like this).

When it comes to the DeWalt DW331K model, professionals will be happy. It has a powerful motor and feels sturdier in your hands than other models on the market today – even after years of professional use!

The Comparison DeWalt DW317K Jigsaw

The DW317K is designed to be both versatile and powerful. It’s perfect for beginners who are looking into getting their feet wet in the world of drills.

But also provides enough power that an experienced user won’t need any other tools or equipment with them when on-site work comes up – which can save you valuable time waiting around!

dewalt dw317k jigsaw

1. Blade Change

One of the things that newbies tend to struggle with when using power tools is changing blades.

This model should not have any problems because it has a keyless lever-action clamp system, so you can quickly swap out your old one for some fresh ones without the hassle and also check here best jigsaw blade!

2. Bevel Capacity

A new angle jigsaw with a shoe that can bevel from 0 degrees to 45 degrees without changing tools is great.

The positive stops along the way mean you won’t have any trouble making angled cuts in your project if needed, and this one even has an isolated motor system so it doesn’t get too hot while cutting!

3. Tool-Less Blade Swaps

The DW317K has an innovative tool-less blade clamp which makes changing blades easy and simple. This can be done without any need for Allen wrenches or Phillip keys, so the user doesn’t have to spend time machining out parts on their own machine!

4. Orbital Control

The DW317K is a tough tool for any contractor, but it’s the Orbital Control feature that makes this jigsaw so great. With four settings to choose from you’ll have all your bases covered!

5. Powerful Motor

When you need to cut through tough material, speed is key. The 5.5 Amp motor in this jigsaw can handle any job so long as the correct blade and technique are used! Spin it up at 3100 strokes per minute for easy handling of even your toughest projects.

6. Durable Design

The yellow and black DeWalt logo lights up when you turn on this saw, showing that it’s ready for action. It has a tough plastic case to protect all vital components from any accidents or falls with its handy handle grip!


DeWalt jigsaws are some of the best in the market right now. They are built with usability, versatility, and durability in mind.

It is for such reasons you will get most professionals investing in a quality DeWalt jigsaw to use in their workshops.

Standard Benefits:

  • The blade is designed for long life and maximum performance.
  • The powerful motor operates at 5,000 RPM to make quick work of tough jobs.

Emotional Benefits:

  • It’s the perfect tool for tackling any project that requires precision cutting.
  • Make your projects look like a pro did it.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It feels heavy

Final Words:

If you’re looking for an excellent jigsaw with a powerful motor and the ability to cut at any angle, we recommend the Dewalt DW317K. The blade can be changed from orbital control (aggressive cutting) to straight-line precision cuts.

It is perfect for woodworkers and artisans who need accuracy in their work so they don’t have to worry about it later on during finishing or assembly. We hope this article has been helpful!

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