How to Cut a Laminate Countertop with a Jigsaw – Comprehensive Guide

Cutting a laminate countertop with a jigsaw is one of the few ways to deal with this challenging material. The first step, before any cutting takes place, is to remove all appliances and backsplashes from the area where you will be cutting. This will give you plenty of room to maneuver the tool without damaging anything in your kitchen or bathroom…

If you are faced with the task of cut a laminate countertop with the best jigsaw, it can be quite challenging. The material is difficult to cut and will splinter if you use the wrong blade for the job. How do I know this? Let me tell you how my experience led up to this blog post…

How To Make Straight Cut to Laminate Countertops With A Jigsaw

How To Cut A Laminate Countertop With a Jigsaw

Laminate countertops are known for their brittle and chippy surface, which can be easily cracked or broken if carelessly handled. The laminated layer protects a thick underlayment made up of either particleboard or plywood beneath it on top of the countertop itself!

Requirement for Cut to Laminate Countertop with a Jigsaw:

1. Measuring & Marking:

A tape measure is the most important tool in installing new laminate countertops. Make sure you have one that’s accurate and will stay with you throughout your project! You’ll also need some way of measuring lines, like a pencil or pen sharpened at an angle so it can be used as demonstrated here:

2. Tape:

Masking tape is a great way to prevent chipping on laminate surfaces by creating an expansion joint between the blade and surface. The best tapes work well with either duct or peel-and-stick varieties, but quality matters too!

3. Square:

A square is a handy tool for cutting countertops and other materials. I prefer to use my large speed-square, but the T-squares or carpenter’s squares work as well!

4. Supports:

In order to install your new laminate countertop, you will also need some type of supporting material. The best way is with sawhorses and having at least three should do the trick for most pieces!

5. Straightedge:

You’ll need a fence guide for straight cuts. This can be any piece of wood or an edge that you could clamp to the workpiece and slide along its length while cutting, giving constant guidance with your saw blade so everything goes where it should.

How To Make Cut a Laminate Countertop with a Jigsaw.

Easy Step by Step Guide.

  • The first thing you need to do before starting your project is mark accurate cutting lines on the template. If there are old countertops, use them as a guide for sketching out how much material needs removal and where it should go in order to get rid of these pesky surfaces once and for all!
  • It’s time to cut! Once you have carefully measured where the cuts need to go, stick some masking tape or blue painter’s cloth over that area. This will help keep your laminate looking good and stop any pieces from chipping off when it is being cut through with a blade.
  • Make sure you mark the cutting lines on your tape a second time so that there is no mistake about where it should be cut. Marking out what will become of this site also helps if things go wrong and make for an easier repair process in later stages!
  • To make sure your cuts are straight and even, secure the countertop over as a bench or sawhorses. Then place one side of the guide fence along the first line you will be cutting through it with so that if anything happens like an accident then there is protection for both yourself and what’s on top!
  • Once you have attached the blade to your jigsaw, make sure that it is perfectly square by checking with either a speed square or combination tool.
  • Before you start cutting, make sure that your jigsaw has blades on both sides and is properly aligned with where it will cut. Make certain the tool’s shoe tightly engages against its guide fence so there are no accidents!
  • Gently ease the running blade into place. Take your time and let it do all of this work for you, while you focus on keeping that jigsaw snug against its guide rail by following along with what’s being cut precisely as planned!
  • When you approach a corner or finish at the other end of your cut, slow down to make sure that both sides are properly supported and secured.
  • If the piece breaks off, it could ruin your entire room’s décor and make all of that time spent on installation useless.
  • You can have someone hold the cutoff piece while you complete your cut or reposition jigsaws to fit under it.

Final Words:

Laminate countertops are notoriously difficult to cut. If you have the best barrel jigsaw, it may be your best option for cutting the laminate into manageable pieces. There are many other ways to deal with this challenging material, but if you’re determined to cut yours down, take heed of these tips and tricks before heading out on your quest!

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