Best Jigsaw Blades 2022 Reviews and Buyer Guide

Well, most of us would have seen the best Jigsaw blades in 2022. There is no doubt; blades are an essential part of the shaping work. But it would be a daunting task to get high-quality blades.

Which one is best to get? There are many options available on the market. It depends on the application to get the best one.

In this review, we have narrowed down some best choices. Unbelievably, these are the best sets you can find to complete your needs.

Let’s look at the best Jigsaws blades to find why these are top-rated worldwide!

List of 5 Best JigSaw Blades 2022:

Product ImageProduct NamePrice

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with CaseCheck Best Price

BLACK+DECKER 75-626 Assorted Jigsaw Blades SetCheck Best Price

SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set Check Best Price

Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades Check Best Price

Bosh 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw Blade Check Best Price

1. DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case 

best jigsaw for blades 2021, DEWALT Jigsaw Blades
best jigsaw for blades 2021, DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case 2021

The DEWALT Jigsaw Blades comes with 14 pieces set. It is suitable for those who have to work on heavy projects. This set helps you to work on different types of projects. Using different seven blades, it offers lots of versatility.

By knowing workability, it let you choose the right Dewalt jigsaw blade. The blades are ranging from six to thirty-two teeth per inch. This length of blade works well regardless of any wood or plastic-type.

Also, there are most of the metals can be easily cut through the blades. There is included a case that offers protection. Also, the case has slots for each blade.

But be mindful, there are some bending issues with blades. Despite we have listed them on the top rest of the others. It is because these are very consistent and reliable.

Overall, it is a decent set of blades for the price and performance. Indeed, it is the best jigsaw blades for plywood.


  • T-shank design fits all Bosch and DEWALT Jigsaw
  • 1, 10, 12, 18, 32 teeth per inches blades
  • 6TPI/10TPI Blades are 4 inches long
  • 18TPI/32 TPI Blades are 3 inches long
  • Wood as well as metal applications
  • Up to 32 TPI
  • Seven blades
  • Many cutting uses
  • Comes with case
  • Great for money
  • A few bending issues


The DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case offers a variety of cutting applications. These are durable and neatly consistent. This DEWALT jigsaw blade set includes T-shank blades for use with circular saws and jigsaws and a durable carrying case.

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set features a range of five different blades that provide the perfect cut for every job. Whether it’s light work or heavy-duty, you’ll get clean and accurate results that’s why it is the best jig saw blade ever.

2. BLACK+DECKER 75-626 Assorted Jigsaw Blades Set

BLACK+DECKER best Jigsaw Blades
BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades

Next up, we have the BLACK+DECKER 75-626 Assorted Jigsaw Blades Set. This set of blades is affordable. If you need a wide variety of jigsaw blades, it would be a perfect choice for you.

Five different blades are ranging from six to 24 teeth per inch. It allows cutting different types of wood, metals and PVC. Also, the blades are convenient.

The blades are ranging from 6 to 19 10 TPI. It is for the wood-specific blade. For cutting metals, these are ranging from 18 to 24 TPI. It can tackle most of your work with ease.

It gives great peace of mind by giving you continuous replacement of the blades. This feature makes it durable unlike other models in its class.

For sharpness, the blades are excellent. It offers excellent sharpening ability. These blades are neat and don’t come dull, unlike other models.

However, it has only one drawback. These are shorter in length. This feature may troublesome for people. Overall, from design to performance, this set of blades are perfect and the jigsaw blade for the best jigsaw for barrel grip.


  • Five scrolling blades perfect for intricate wood cutting
  • TPI ranges from 6-24 across both wood and metal
  • Blades are also used for general purposes
  • U-shank style blade without holes
  • Save both of your money and time
  • Very durable
  • Metal cutting blades
  • Sharpness
  • Short size


The BLACK+DECKER 75-626 Assorted Jigsaw Blades Set is an ideal choice for most cutting applications. It gives rough as well as smooth cutting and scrolling blades. Also, these blades fit all universal jigsaws.

3. SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade
Skil Jigsaw Blade

If you want to get the best Jigsaw blades 2022, the SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set is one of them. It offers high performance at a lower price. It is the best woodworking jigsaw blade.

Out of the fantastic features, it has a lower price. Due to the low price, it offers excellent functionality only for wood cutting applications.

It comes with two blades for wood. It looks like a bit of a double-edged sword. Indeed, this model would be a fantastic choice if you want to deal with woods only.

Its versatile design allows you to do many different kinds of tasks. There is no need to look elsewhere if you want wood cutting.

What’s more? These blades have three designs. One of its blades is for multi-purpose use and another for a smooth cut on metal. It ensures you have a smooth cutting.

The high-quality stainless steel blades are made of hardened steel and designed for long life as well as accurate cutting; they will fit any value jigsaw with a 1/8-inch or 3/16-inch blade shank

However, there are some minor weaknesses. It has some quality control issues. After some use, its blades are prone to bending and wearing out fast. But it would indeed be a perfect choice for the price. Also, there is no case available.


  • Offers solid shank construction reduces breakage
  • Offers maximum durability and performance
  • Durable construction for increased performance
  • best jigsaw blade for laminate flooring
  • Assorted blades will cover all of your needs
  • Great for wood cutting
  • Offers durability
  • Affordable
  • Smooth cutting
  • Quality control issues


Overall, the SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set is suitable for wood cutting without breaking your bank. From design to functionality, this makes it the best Jigsaw for cutting curves.

This pack of 75 assorted jigsaw blades is perfect for re-sawing hardwood or finishing woodworking projects requiring fine detail. The blades are made from high-quality German steel for optimum cutting and long blade life.

4. Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades: 

SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade
Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blade

It is no doubt, the Gunpla 15 Pieces set is the best Jigsaw for metal and woodcutting. It comes with three separated sets of blades including one kit.

Unlike other models in its class, these blades are incredibly accurate. It got you covered from all sides. These blades are also high against cutting sheet metal as well as aluminum amongst other metals.

There are some fantastic advantages available. These help you decide whether this tool is fit for you or not.

Out of the amazing features, this model uses highly durable material. It is made of carbon steel which makes it easier to cut.

Unlike other blades, these blades don’t break, bend and become damaged. But over time, they become less sharp. These give a high battery span as compared to other models.

So if you want to get the most durable blades with cutting-edge functionality, these blades are the best to choose from. These are made of premium high-quality carbon steel which enhances their longevity.

What else’s? The blades provide precise and efficient control. All in all, this set is best when it comes to the best Jigsaw Blades for Vinyl Flooring out there.


  • Able to work with lots of T-Shank accepted Jigsaws
  • Offers longevity that suits of needs and applications
  • Good for both softwood and hard cutting
  • Especially good with curved, fast and plunge cuts
  • Premium quality construction
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Ideal sized shank
  • Fast cutting
  • Comes with safe package
  • None


The Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades are made of excellent quality material. They give excellent cutting results so you can cut whatever you want. Indeed, this set is the best Jigsawblade for plastic. As well as the best Jigsaw for cutting metal.

5. Bosh 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw Blade 

Bosh 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw Blade
Bosch Jigsaw Blade

Here we have the Bosh 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw Blade. It is best for those who are looking for a variety of innovative blades. It is a bosch jigsaw blade chart that comes with 21 pieces of blades with six different blade types.

This blade set is giving you the ability to cut a straight line with jigsaw, plaster, and metal. Also, it offers a high degree of precision and it’s with durable construction.

This set of blades comes with something different. This set has its inclusion a blade for metal and a blade for wood that features a progressive tooth pitch. Being said that, its teeth are smaller nearest the shank.

It reduces the strain on the blade. It makes cutting more comfortable and faster. Besides, it is made of durable carbon material. It enhances its durability. It can be a break. Also, it offers less ability to twist or bend over other similar blades.

It offers excellent value for money when you look at its versatile design. For increased comfort, it has a carrying case. This feature makes transportation easier and scrolls down to see bosch jigsaw blade guide help you to buy.

However, the only downside of these blades is, it tends to dull quickly as compare to other brands. Overall, it offers ultimate performance when it comes to the best Jigsaw blade for fiberglass.


  • Comes with a six-blade type which is different
  • Blades have a range of speeds as well as finishes
  • Reduces bending with straight cuts
  • Reducing stress, wear, and tear
  • Progressive tooth pitch
  • Durable construction
  • Included case
  • Smooth cutting faster
  • Dull quickly

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Buying Guide Of Best Jigsaw Blades:

Want to get the jigsaw blades? Then you have to keep certain things/aspects in mind. The reason is, many of the dealers in the market make you fool by giving a low-quality product. However, if you want to make a reliable and durable purchase, then you should keep reading.

These factors are essential to consider when you are looking for the best Jigsaw blades for 2022. These include:

Types of Jigsaw Blades.

First of all, you would have to figure out your requirements. There are two different jigsaw blade types are available. These include wood cutting blades or plastic cutting blades.

However, a blade made of carbon steel material offers high durability than others. Also, this type of blade is not much expensive. It allows you to cut easily softwood as well as hardwood

Be careful, if you are using any local blades in jigsaw you can make scratches in material and if you are on any steel material etc you can open welding joints too so be careful must use handy blades.

So you should be sure about the material type. You should choose which suits your needs, so you have a smoother cutting application.

Teeth Per Inch.

It is also crucial to note that how many teeth a blade has when it comes to the Jigsaw blade 2022. This feature determines the cutting speed as well as performance. However, so many people don’t pay much importance. So you have to look for how much a blade has teeth to get more sharpness.

Shank Type.

When it comes to the shank type, there are two types available in the market. Either the blade gives U shank or a T shank blades type. However, these both have different characteristics. So it is better than you buy, which suits your needs.


Well, the blades are made of different materials. The material ensures the durability of the baled. You have to choose according to your needs. Also, you have to assure that doesn’t break your bank.

However, the blades are made of tungsten, carbon steel, bi-metals as well as carbide. You have to choose which suits your needs.


What jigsaw blade do I need?

Well, it depends on your needs. However, the jigsaw blade with TPI is ranging between 6 to 20, which is an ideal choice for wood. But if you need to cut hard material, you should go for TPI between 14 and 36.

Do I need a jigsaw blade to cut laminate?

Yes, if the blade has a tooth of 50-100, then it is best to cut laminate.

What are the best Jigsaw blades?

  • DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case
  • BLACK+DECKER 75-626 Assorted Jigsaw Blades Set
  • SKIL 94906 Wood U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set
  • Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades
  • Bosh 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw Blade

What are the different types of Jigsaw Blades?

Four types of jigsaw blades are available on the market. These four types are relevant to the material of jigsaws: bi-metal, high carbon steel, high-speed steel, and tungsten carbide.

The Conclusion

All in all, now we have gone through the best Jigsaw blades 2022. We hope you have found the best sets of jigsaw blades that will work for you efficiently. Aside from other models, these have taken top spaces. It is because of their performance level as well as cutting power.

In the end, we assured these models are the best jigsaw from all aspects. However, if you have any problems/questions, then you can comment below. Thank you for visiting us!

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