Best Cordless Jigsaw 2022 Reviews – Top 9 Picks

The one main question in your mind raised is which type of jigsaw we buy. A huge type of jigsaws roaming in the world and we are here to provide the best we have and the best you deserve for you. The best cordless jigsaw 2022 cuts the lumber as like a hot knife cuts the butter. A jigsaw is a very handy device and the one we have gives you the best grip.

It feels very premium when you hold our jigsaw in your hand because its grip is very comfortable. these jigsaws are cordless tools and it is very convenient to cut the wood, metal, fiberglass. The cordless jigsaw provides you the best cutting experience because of no wire tangles. You can able to cut the different materials of different densities with the appropriate blade.

Best Cordless Jigsaws 2022

The best jigsaw tools would give you the ease of changing blades while cutting. You can easily change the blades during the process of cutting. A jigsaw without a cord gives you the best accuracy to cut the materials. It comes with a battery option. You have to buy the battery separately. The main advantage of the battery option is that the machine has cordless. The machine is wireless and due to this, it is very easy to cut the materials with no resistance.

Here’s the list of Best cordless Jigsaw 2022 we found:

Product ImageProduct NamePrice

DEWALT DCS331B Cordless JigsawCheck Best Price

Bosch JSH180B 18-Volt Li-Ion Jig SawCheck Best Price

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Cordless JigsawCheck Best Price

Ryobi One+ P523 18V Li-Ion - CordlessCheck Best Price

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C -Cordless JigsawCheck Best Price

Makita XVJ03Z Cordless JigsawCheck Best Price

Milwaukee (MLW273720) M18 JigsawCheck Best Price

Bosch JS120BN 12-Volt - Cordless Jig SawCheck Best Price

WORX WX550L JigsawCheck Best Price

Top 9 Pick of Best jigsaw cordless:

1. DEWALT DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw – Best Overall:

DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw 2021

“Best Overall”

This is our number one choice. it is a high-quality model. DEWALT DCS331B is cordless tools that offer more maneuverability and easier use than their corded counterparts. If you want jigsaw to be free of power cables, then the DEWALT DCS331B is our choice for the best cordless jigsaw 2021. As compared to other corded competitors the cordless DEWALT offers as much blade speed and cutting power. The cuts are very smooth and clean at a variable speed.

Its weight is 5.4 pounds, that’s without the battery. But once adding the battery, the total weight is nearly 7 pounds. It has a warranty of three years which means this investment should stick around for many projects but the biggest drawback was painfully clear during use because DEWALT does have a blower, it is completely ineffective. This drawback makes it difficult to see your line to make straight cuts.


  • DEWALT DCS331B jigsaw comes with the best T-shank blades
  • It provides the user’s best accuracy and high-end results in their work
  • It has enough power to cut anything like metal, fiberglass, etc like a knife cuts the apple when it falls on it
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • It provides the user with a very handy and comfortable grip
  • It gives the A-grade results
  • The jigsaw gives accurate and perfect versatility
  • It has very good battery life
  • Its material is very solid and durable
  • You have to buy your battery
  • You can only use T-shank blades


2. Bosch JSH180B 18-Volt Li-Ion Jig Saw:

“Electronic Motor Protection”

Bosch JSH180B 18-Volt Li-Ion Jig Saw 2021

When it comes to jigsaw world there are a lot of option comes to our mind, But Bosch JSH180B here we are providing to you is one of the best cordless jigsaw 2022 because of its lighter weight than the once. It is 30% lighter than the usual jigsaw.

The one thing you have to keep in your mind, Generally a jigsaw without a cord doesn’t come with a battery. Some Brands in the market are providing batteries with a jigsaw. But you have to keep in your mind that usually, it doesn’t have a battery so you have to check to keep it safe. It uses 18 Volts li-ion Battery you don’t have to worry during work. The Bosch is only a brand in the world of the best cordless jigsaw that provides the user best versatility.


  • The 18 Volts Li-ion Battery does not disturb the user while he works.
  • It has a very fine handy grip.
  • It provides you the best accurate grading results.
  • Lighter weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long-Lasting battery
  • It doesn’t contain a battery in its pack


3. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion:

“Lifetime Tool Warranty”

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 cordless jigsaw 2021

Hitachi is a very known name in the universe of the best cordless jigsaw . The main concern of the brand is the battery. There are a lot of brands in the market that do not provide a better battery for the cordless jigsaw.

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 cordless usually cuts the material like wood, fiberglass, etc so then it consumes less battery and when it comes to cut the material like metal or something hard then it drains a lot of battery. This product is generally made for the cutting of wood and drywall it doesn’t be perfect to cut hard materials like metals.


  • The grip of this product is very comfortable to use
  • It uses 18 Volts Li-ion Battery
  • The material of the product is very durable


  • Comfortable Grip
  • Solid Material
  • The three-mode orbital action system
  • It cuts 2,400 pm at a time.
  • It uses both U shanks and T shanks Blades
  • Battery and charger are not included in the product pack.
  • It is not as powerful as much as like other products.


4. Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless:

“Budget Friendly”

Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 2021

Ryobi One+ P523 has a four orbital system. The higher the orbital system it is easy to cut the wood like lumber and when you have lower orbital actions it is easy to cut the metals. Ryobi One+ has a dust blower system. It helps to clear the visions of the user while his work.

This cordless has a very unique feature of LED Lightening that helps it to work in a very poorly lit condition. It has a very different option of blade changing system because you can change the blade while working by dropping the blade on the foot. It is a very unique and different method of changing the blade of the jigsaw.

This option of a trigger lock system is used when you are working and you have to lock some points. This feature is very handy because due to this feature you can easily focus on a specific area.


  • These kinds of jigsaws have four orbital systems
  • These jigsaws have LED Lightening which is used to work in dark areas
  • It has a dust Blower system which removes the debris while cutting
  • LED Lightening
  • Blade saving
  • Dust Blower System
  • All blades are cannot befit
  • Battery and Charger not included


5. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jigsaw:

“Low Price”

BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw 2021

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C has very basic features. It only has 20 Volts battery life. The battery life is very short. This cordless jigsaw used both T shanks and U Blades. This is very Inexpensive. It uses 1 to 4 orbital actions to cut in curve directions. The battery is included in the pack of the product but it consumes the battery very easily.

It has a 2500 strike per minute speed which is very less instead of other cordless jigsaws. It has a unique feature of LED lighting which is very handy in low light conditions. This is also the best jigsaw for woodworking and it has a feature of a dust blower system which is very useful while cutting the material because it throws the dust from the vision of the user.


  • It has four action orbital system
  • This jigsaw uses a 20 volts Battery which is not reliable
  • It has a built-in dust blower
  • Both Battery and charger are included
  • It is very less expensive
  • 2 years Limited Warranty
  • It drains battery very quickly
  • Very Basic Features


6. Makita XVJ03Z – Best Makita Cordless Jigsaw:

“Best value”

Makita XVJ03Z best Cordless Jigsaw

Makita XVJ03Z is one of the Makita cordless jig saw in the market. This machine comes with a very lower strike per minute speed. This jigsaw uses on the 3 orbital action systems. A battery of 18 Volts can be installed in this cordless machine. This machine comes with no battery and charger. The battery life is not enough to work for a long purpose. It depends on what you are cutting.

The battery drains fast when you cut the heavy metals. The main benefit is that the results are pretty good and accurate. It is built very strongly and is very solid. We recommend a spare battery.


  • This machine comes with 18 volts battery
  • It has a 3 orbital action system
  • The jigsaw is very fast and steady
  • Accurate and Efficient
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Comes with Money back guarantee
  • Battery and charger are not included
  • Blades can be very hard to position at first


7. Milwaukee (MLW273720) M18 Jigsaw:

“D-Handle Jigsaw”

Milwaukee (MLW273720) best corless Jigsaw
Milwaukee (MLW273720) best corless Jigsaw

Milwaukee M18 is the best handheld jigsaw that combines the power, blade speed to cut the good quality of the materials. Milwaukee POWERSTATE Brushless Motor provides you to increase the Strike per minute (SPM) and to cut the materials like hardwoods and metals.

M18 Jig Saw used REDLITHIUM Battery and it works with construction, electronics, and performance more work with very high charge. This battery will do great work than the other batteries in the market.

REDLINK PLUS Intelligence is the most advanced system used in the cordless jigsaw to provide optimized performance and overload protection between tool, charger, and battery.

The speed of the cutting materials like wood, metal 3500 strikes per minute (SPM) providing precision control with minimizing chipping.


  • It is Power state Brushless Motor
  • It is used REDLITHIUM Battery
  • The most Advance system REDLINK Plus is used
  • LED Light to maximize the visibility
  • Dust Collector
  • Fast and Smooth
  • Expensive


8. Bosch JS120BN 12-Volt Max Cordless JigSaw:


Bosch JS120BN 12-Volt Max Cordless Jig Saw 2021

When you picking up the best-corded jigsaw you can check all the things like strike per minute (SPM), power, and many other factors as well that will help you how powerful the jigsaw while working. However, these metrics also matter while choosing the best jigsaw cordless.

Bosch JS120BN is the most valuable information is the voltage of the battery that makes the good ones from the others. It is a very comfortable and small grip with a lighter design.

Bosch JS120BN is a very fast and smooth operation and is very easy to use while working. The blade is much easier to extract and install. Bosch is excellent for the DIY and has lighter-weight tools. This is very convenient and easy to use which has a one-handed blade and it is battery powered jigsaw.


  • 12 Volts battery power
  • More Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Lighter Tools
  • 12-volt max battery that is good for cordless jigsaw
  • Allows you to more control while cutting
  • Bevel up to 45 degrees
  • LED light for clear visibility
  • Expensive

9. WORX WX550L Jigsaw:


best cordless jigsaw
WORX WX550L Jigsaw

When we talk about the comfortable and reliable jigsaw, WORK WX550L jigsaw is at the top of the table. WORK WX550L Jigsaw is portable, versatile, and easy to use. This product is a pleasure to use and creates smooth cuts without shaking your arms apart, but other models are prone to heavy vibration and jumpy cuts. WORK WX550L jigsaw didn’t jump around, the blade didn’t grab, it just made a smooth and straight cut.

It provides orbital mode, a variable speed, it is battery operated jigsaw of 20V and a Tool-free blade change. WORK WX550L offers 2 SAWS in 1. It has a push-button on its head which turns the jigsaw into a reciprocating saw and back again in a few seconds. The chunk is specially designed to assist both reciprocating saw blades and T-Shank-Shank Jigsaw blades.  It Cuts so many materials like wood, metal, ceramic, tiles, plastics, trees, Limbs, PVC pipe, fiberglass, aluminum, copper, thin steel, and even roots.


  • 20 Volt battery power
  • 2 SAWS in 1
  • Dust Blower
  • Convenient and Lightweight
  • Orbital Cutting
  • Less Vibration
  • Comfort and Build Quality
  • The lightweight, compact design just over 4 lbs
  • Accepts any standard of blade
  • A blower keeps dust and debris away
  • Admirable
  • It cannot fit standard sized blades
  • It is overweighted

Video Guide of Best Cordless Jigsaw 2022 Reviews:

Buying Guide for Best Cordless Jigsaw:

Which Type of Blades used in these machines?

There are two basic Blades used in these machines. The number one is T shank and the other one is U Shank Blades. If you are cutting the ceramics you need a tungsten carbide blade. If you are cutting materials like wood or metal you need steel blades and you must know how to use a jigsaw with a blade.

Variable Speed:

This actual speed refers to the power of motors which measures the stroke per minute. Generally, it calculates how many times the blade goes up and down in a minute.

The higher the SPM would be the larger and the greater the projects can produce. Variable speed Triggers, are also built into the machine so that you don’t have to stop the machine and change the setting of the blades, It also works while you working.


You have to make sure that the jigsaw your buying has enough power to fulfill your projects. Usually, the cordless jigsaws have power ranging between 2400 to 3000 SPM. But the best cordless jigsaw that you loved has power ranging between 2600 to 3000 SPM.


It is extremely important to have the best visibility for the viewer so that a built-in dust blower is installed in the machine so that the dust debris will fall away from the sight of the machine.

The dust blower is very essential for the vision of the user because it clears every dust particle so that the viewer can see everything perfectly.

Tool-less adjustment:

One of the biggest slowdowns of this machine is that to change again and again so the process of cutting due to this is effective some saws have the ability of tool-free blade adjustment so that you don’t have to stop your work and the blades often changed and your work does not affect.

LED Light:

LED light is a very important part of the jigsaw due to this feature you can easily perform your work in some lit or dark conditions. The light is mostly used in the sight of cutting and it also visible the line of vision.

Grip Style:

The most important feature of the machine is that the grips are very comfortable and handy to use. Due to these comfortable grips, the machine does not slip and the work performs accurately.

Battery life:

If you are cutting heavy metals or fiber sheets the battery drains quickly and the best option you have to keep is an extra battery. Battery life is very important during the project work because the longer the battery runs it is easy to perform the project in a steady time.


Right now the main winner of these reviews goes to Dewalt DCS331B. Buy Dewalt cordless jigsaw you can easily use the power and cut the board easily and you can also slow down the speed and cut the other metals easily and accurately.

In these reviews, you can see the best price jigsaw is Ryobi One+ P523 but it is not very beneficial and accurate it has not enough power to complete the bigger projects. So, the main option you have so the best accurate value is Dewalt DCS331B jigsaw.


What is the best cordless jigsaw 2021?

Dewalt DCS331B is the best cordless jigsaw 2021 ever.

What is the best cordless multi-tool?

Dewalt DCS355 multi-tool

What is the best cordless jigsaw 2021 for the money?

  • DEWALT DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw
  • Ryobi One+ P523

What is the best brand of jigsaw to buy?

  • Bosch JS470E
  • Dewalt DCS355
  • Milwaukee (MLW273720) M18 Jigsaw

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