Best Barrel Grip Jigsaws (Top 10 Picks of 2022 Reviewed)

The better you can grip a jigsaw, the better would be the completed item. However, that likewise relies upon the grip of the machine itself because no matter how great you get at it, the jigsaw must help you. In this article, we are tallying down our picks for the Top 10 Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw. The items are ranked dependent on their quality, features, and performance.

Jigsaw is a versatile instrument that allows you to see different materials like wood, ceramic tiles, metal, gypsum board & plastic in both straight and curved cuts. Thus, there are numerous jigsaw products flooded in the market with different designs, cutting capacities, styles, and power sources.

These qualities are also organized in order of importance, diving-other than price, warranty, and durability which are isolated from the tool itself, and are in another class of deliberation completely.

These are important and significant factors that should be kept in purchasing while choosing your best barrel grip jigsaw and let us continue with the top 10 rankings now.

List of Top Rated Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw 2022 comparison:

Product ImageProduct NamePrice

Bosch JS470EBCheck Price

Bosch JS120BN:Check Price

Makita 4351FCTCheck Price

Milwaukee 6276-21Check Price

Festool 561593 CarvexCheck Price

Festool 561443 PS 300Check Price

Makita VJO5Z CordlessCheck Price

Bosch JS572EBKCheck Price

Makita XVJ01Z Brushless JigSawCheck Price

Makita DJV181ZCheck Price

Top 10 Picks of Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw 2022

Now that you know what to look for, here are ten of the best barrel grip jigsaws on the market.

1. Bosch JS470EB  Barell Jigsaw:

“Top Pick”

Bosch JS470EB best barrel grip jigsaw
Best Barrel Grip Jigsaws

The first top rated and amazing product on our list of Bosch is the best value jigsaw. As one of the best 3 producers of professional-grade power apparatuses, Bosch provides truly one of the best in class jigsaws available. Be that as it may, this best barrel grip jigsaw should most fittingly be understood as an “incredible for most uses saw.” It’s not ideal for some of the extraordinary sawing conditions.

Accuracy in the job comes when you purchase our first pick called bosch JS470eb 7.0 Amp barrel grip jigsaw. As it is very obvious from its title, the best jigsaw has a barrel grip permitting you to control it better while holding from the top to accomplish higher precision and exactness in the work.

Specifically, if you want to cut thicker bits of hardwood or want to make refined accuracy cuts for carpentry, this is not the best saw. The restriction on hardwood is an immediate result of its maximum spm of 3,100. While this is just slightly better than average, it’ll battle with thick hardwood.

The most recent Constant Response Circuitry (CRC) has been introduced to keeping the speed constant when set at a particular level. This is principally an automatic capacity of the machine.

This Bosch JS470EB is compatible with the light weight of just 10 pounds. It is easily handled by any woodworker because of the weight of this barrel grip jigsaw.

Bosch JS470EB Main Features:

  1. The barrel grip jigsaw has a 7 amps powerful motor.
  2. Enjoy the maximum speed of 500 to 3,100 SPM.
  3. This barrel-grip jigsaw has Corded Power Source.
  4. The Bevel Capacity of this product is 45 Degrees.
  5. This jigsaw has a Cutting Action of 4 Orbital stages.
  6. The weight of this barrel grip jigsaw is 10 pounds.
  • Speed options vary for different requirements>
  • This product has a better CRC system
  • The motor is rock solid and powerful
  • Blade adjustment is forceful with 4-orbital settings.
  • The 7 amp engine is tied for the most powerful and remarkable on our list.
  • The SPM range of 500 to 3,100 permits you to cut different types of material.
  • This model does not provide an LED light on the interface.
  • Just one bevel cutting point.
  • 10 pounds is incredibly heavy for a modern jigsaw, in any event, for a corded jigsaw.


2. Bosch JS120BN Barrel Grip Jigsaw:

Bosch JS120BN

The one and most important thing it has making for it, which is genuinely a number of small things, is that it is produced by Bosch, so you can expect quality development and brilliant materials.

This amazing Bosch barrel grip jigsaw JS120BN 12-volt Max is Best Cordless Jigsaw and it helps you in saving both power and money. Indeed, your work needs may call for the top pick, thus, this second pick additionally gets most of the work done.

The cordless jigsaws are versatile because they come up short on the long cord which people need to carry around. There is a battery inside which endures up to a fair lot of time. Also, this cordless jigsaw battery just takes up to 12V so it would squeeze the bills.

Bosch js120bn is one of the fastest jigsaws in woodworking tools. The speed of bosch js120bn is 1500 spm to 2100 spm this speed will make your word fast and save your time.

When you need to cut both wood and metal, count on the Bosch JS120BN Barrel Grip Jigsaw. This manual saw comes with a versatile blade that can make cuts in wooden materials and up to 1/8 inch in soft metals. The barrel grip offers a comfortable non-slip handle for better control.

Bosch JS120BN Main Features:

  1. This barrel grip jigsaw has 12 volts of motor power.
  2. The speed of this jigsaw is 1,500 to 2,100 Spm.
  3. This jigsaw is a Cordless power source.
  4. The depth of this jigsaw is 3/8″.
  5. The Bevel Capacity is 45 Degrees.
  6. This jigsaw provides Cutting Action of 3 orbital stages.
  7. The weight of this Bosch is 4 pounds.
  • There is a lock-on trigger.
  • The blade release is fast.
  • The battery charge is shown.
  • Delicate and ergonomic barrel-grip.
  • This jigsaw doesn’t come inside a case.
  • No locally available capacity for blades.


3. Makita 4351FCT Best Professional Jigsaw:

Makita 4351FCT Best Barrel Grip Jigsaws
Best Barrel Grip Jigsaws

Makita 4351FCT is a professional barrel grip jigsaw. It comes with an L.E.D light installed to make sure that you see clearly while cutting the material. This Makita barrel grip jigsaw, similar to one that went before it, features 3 orbital stage cutting activities and 1 pendulum stage. This makes the Makita 4351FCT extraordinary for accurate cuts with fine woodworking projects.

Too much speed isn’t valuable especially when a jigsaw has got poor handling. This is actually what we like about Makita 4351FCT jigsaws after all they don’t go higher than 6 to 7 amps and 3,000 SPM speed, they are amazingly smooth when you are using these barrel grip jigsaws.

The Makita Barrel Grip is a base with a keyless blade clamp designed to hold blades up to 1-1/4″ (29.5 mm) diameter. It is convenient for left or right-handed users and allows you to make vertical cuts without tipping the tool. This base accepts both regular and SDS Max shank jigsaw blades of any length (5/64″ or larger).

The one area where the Makita destroys its opposition in the best brand barrel grip jigsaw market is weight. At 5.5 pounds, it is practically half as light as the Bosch and many others. This permits the Makita to ably make those accurate woodworking cuts.

This jigsaw is very comfortable and the durable jigsaw and the weight of this Makita 4351FCT is just 5.5 pounds.

Makita 4351FCT Main Features:

  1. The motor power of Makita is 6.3 amps.
  2. The cutting Depth of this jigsaw is 1.
  3. The Bevel Capacity of the jigsaw is 45 degrees.
  4. Cutting Action is 3 orbital stages and 1 straight stage
  5. The weight of this product is 5.5 pounds.
  • The powerful motor of this jigsaw is 6.3 amps.
  • This product isn’t very noisy.
  • The guide is quite easy.
  • The weight is 5.5 pounds which is easy to handle.
  • Just T-shank compatible.
  • No residue blower present.
  • Can’t crush this in close places


4. Milwaukee 6276-21 Barrel Grip Jig Saw:

Milwaukee 6276-21

Milwaukee 6276-21 is also known as one of the top and main 3 brands for professional-grade power devices. To make sure they can purchase a product that is durable and very simple to use, people are willing to follow through on prices as high as above $200. At the point when you examine the motor of Milwaukee body grip 6.2 Amp barrel grip Jig Saw, you may state that this price is excessive.

The 6276-21 is a variable speed jigsaw with 4-1/2 amp, AC motor, and 7/8 in. stroke length for cutting through a variety of materials. It has a durable ergonomic design, with a barrel grip and adjustable shoe for improved control and comfort. Includes blade wrench and dust blower adapter; Optional 18 position guide system provides added precision.

It’s twice as many as the next nearest competitor. Joined with 4 orbital stages, you should experience no difficulty cutting any material other than the thickest of hardwoods. What we examined about making an underlying cut with ease at 800 SPM in the past item’s review improves with this Milwaukee 6276-21 jigsaw. This one begins at 500 SPM and works for 3,000 strokes, it also has 8-speed settings.

This much adaptability in the speed options is surely going to help you while using this jigsaw. At these different speed levels, you can additionally experiment with different cutting angles and it produces a counterbalanced for reducing vibration.

In Milwaukee blade, you can use any T shank blade in this unit and it will work perfectly and I would suggest you use 101BF is all time favorite for me but noted make sure your teeth point up towards the shank not down.

Milwaukee 6276-21 Main Features:

  1. The motor power of this jigsaw is 6.2 Amps.
  2. SPM of this product is 500 to 3,000.
  3. Cutting Depth is 1.
  4. The Bevel Capacity of this jigsaw is 45 Degrees.
  5. Cutting Action is 4 orbital stages.
  6. The weight of Milwaukee is 9.4 pounds.
  • The ideal speed range.
  • Cut numerous materials as you need.
  • 8 speed reaches to work with.
  • Numerous angles are available for cutting.
  • 4 orbital stages might be normal from an expert-grade barrel grip jigsaw, however, it’s still nice to see.
  • It isn’t for quite precision due to no pendulum.
  • Cutting thicker wood gets difficult.
  • Its greatest SPM of 3,000 is normal, that’s it, nothing less.


5. Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw:

Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ

Festool offers a one-of-a-kind quality compared with the wide range of various jigsaws on our list. It’s the solitary jigsaw that can be changed over from a corded to a cordless jigsaw. Unfortunately, while this gives a nice range of utility, it shows improvement over the other. Specifically, this jigsaw is a far better cordless barrel grip jigsaw compared to the opposition than it is a corded jigsaw in its group.

For greater projects, you just can’t depend on machines with speeds as high as even 3,200. and this barrel handle jigsaw such a huge issue we are bringing this Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw which has a most extreme speed range of up to 3,800 SPM and it should be able to get any cutting job done rapidly.

This is the only tool about which we state that this isn’t for learners. Obviously, in the event that you need earlier work experience, controlling 3,800 strokes per minute would be very hard for you. At the point when you need to complete your projects done rapidly, you do with this amazing, powerful, and speedy jigsaw.

In addition, this jigsaw features 4 different and unique stages and a variable speed setting to additionally add to its versatility. However, because of its lower controlled corded amperage, even the cordless prevalence can’t compensate to permit this jigsaw to cut softer materials the manner in which one might want. I tested myself Festool jigsaw vs bosch jig saw both are great and top-rated but Festool jigsaw is made in advanced technology.

The Festool PS 420 Carvex EBQ is a cordless, high-power jigsaw that is precision built for the job site. It is lightweight, yet rugged and durable making it perfect for wall and ceiling work

Festool 561593 Main Features:

  1. This jigsaw has a motor power of 4.5 amps.
  2. SPM is 500 to 3,800.
  3. Cutting Depth is 1.
  4. The Bevel Capacity of this jigsaw is 45 degrees.
  5. Cutting Action provides 4 stages.
  6. Weight of this product is 4.2 pounds.
  • The multi-base stage for professional work.
  • The carbide direction framework equipped.
  • This jigsaw is lightweight and ergonomic.
  • The force cord can be detached.
  • The vacuum connector present for a cleaner climate
  • Softer materials will give this jigsaw inconvenience without a serious level of skill.
  • Unsatisfying client reviews.


6. Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ Jigsaw Review:

best barrel grip jigsaw

Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ Jigsaw makes no compromises on quality. It is the most complete jigsaw available today, providing superior cutting capacity and accuracy. Its first class motor features a soft start for gentle acceleration, a built in vacuum to keep dust away from the blade, and an Electronic Control System for ultimate control over the depth of cut. For professional uses where accuracy is everything, Festool delivers.

The primary and most important thing to love about this Festool is its spm range. While a base spm of 1000 is somewhat high and will restrict your ability to cut metal, its most extreme spm of 9000 is bonkers. There is positively no other jigsaw on our list that can approach that. Indeed, a 9000 most extreme spm is more than twice the next nearest competitor.

On the off chance that this brand was successful in captivating you with its past item, you should want to check this Festool 561443 from them too. This one is much less expensive yet has nearly similar features as the dust channeling, LED light, device-free plan, and a similar powerful corded and brushless design.

Festool jigsaw review in another purpose of concern is weight. While the other Festool had the option to keep its weight down even when corded, this one can’t make a similar boast. At 9.6 pounds, it is scarcely the second heaviest jigsaw on our top list.

An extra feature that accompanies this jigsaw is the upgraded tool-free system. All you must do is to push its clamp and the cutting blade will come down to be supplanted by another one. Additionally, when you need to switch between T & U shanks, this jigsaw is really favorable.

Festool 561443 Main Features:

  1. The motor power of this jigsaw is 6 amps.
  2. The SPM speed is 1,000 to 9,000.
  3. The cutting depth is 1″.
  4. Bevel capacity is 45 degrees.
  5. The cutting action is 4 cutting stages.
  6. The weight of this jigsaw is 9.6 pounds.
  • Many speed options are accessible.
  • Changing sharp blades is very simple.
  • The direction system of carbide.
  • The minimized and lightweight design.
  • 4 Cutting actions and variable velocities just add to the Festool’s adaptability.
  • Costly than others
  • No brushless innovation
  • No LEDs were provided.


7. Makita VJO5Z Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw:

Makita VJO5Z Cordless Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

The Makita VJ05Z 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw delivers fast and efficient cutting, with a compact design that is designed for usability and mobility. It includes a barrel grip design for nearer-to-work cutting and is ideal for woodworkers, cupboard makers, remodelers, and general contract-based workers.

Makita 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries give improved equilibrium and ergonomics over unit style batteries, and for comfort, the batteries include an onboard L.E.D. charge level marker.

The Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw has a minimal and ergonomic design with less weight. The productive Makita-assembled brushless motor is designed for longer run time, increased power and speed up, and longer apparatus life.

The variable 5-speed control dial (800-3,000 RPM) empowers the client to coordinate the speed to the application, and the 3 orbital settings in addition to straight cutting give added versatility. The delicate start stifles start-up reaction for better exactness, and the no-load speed decrease feature automatically diminishes SPM for more precise cutting starts.

Convenience features include laser blade changes, enormous 2-finger variable speed trigger with the lock-on button on the top, dual L.E.D. lights, and an implicit residue blower to clear the line of cut. For a longer run time, all 12V max CXT cordless devices are additionally viable with the 12V battery. 12V max CXT lithium-Ion batteries are designed with a Battery Protection Circuit that ensures against over-burdening, over-discharging, and over-warming.

Makita VJ05Z Main Features:

  1. It takes a smooth and delicate beginning up for exactness and errorless cut.
  2. Inclining base for bevel cuts from 0A° – 45A°.
  3. Heavy-gauge check aluminum base for smooth, exact cutting and added solidness.
  4. This jigsaw doesn’t put an extra load on the users of this Makita.
  • The quality residue of the management port.
  • An entirely solid jigsaw to have.
  • The design of this jigsaw is low-profile.
  • Simple to use and lightweight jigsaw.
  • This jigsaw is not recommended for Heavy work.


8. Bosch JS572EBK Best Handheld Jigsaw:

The Bosch JS572EBK convenient cordless jigsaw makes every cutting project easier. With a variable speed operation and auto-tension bi-metallic spring steel blade clamp, you get superior cutting control on a wide variety of materials, from wood to metal. With a lightweight, compact design that’s suitable for multiple applications, this jigsaw is the must-have addition to your tool collection.

Bosch JS572EBK

How it rules all three rankings show the top-notch quality which this brand produces. Other than the barrel handle grip jigsaw, we have picked this bosch JS572EBK barrel grip jigsaw 7.2 Amp Kit for its incredible motor which conveys a speed of up to 3,200 making it quite possibly the most impressive ones on the list.

The Bosch JS572EBK barrel grip corded jigsaw kit furnishes an instrument with an upgraded upfront delicate grasp region. It has the smallest periphery in its class. Because of the creative Precision Control two double-roller system, it has extraordinary cut accuracy, which limits cutting blade deflection.

The grip should be ergonomic and delicate enough for a barrel grip jigsaw because that is not at all like top-handle saws, This handheld barrel jigsaw provides less space for holding it. So when you are using this jigsaw at speeds as high as 3,200, it ought to be simpler to deal with them else it would prompt one disaster of a project.

Bosch JS572EBK Main Features:

  1. The grip of this jigsaw is extra-delicate making things too simple to work with.
  2. This jigsaw provides a sharp cutting blade that cuts with exactness and without deviations.
  3. The one-touch framework permits you to change the blades effortlessly.
  4. The LED light of this jigsaw on the interface permits you to see things better.
  • It runs very easily.
  • Ejecting and replacing cutting blades is simpler.
  • Bosch provides LED lights on its interface and also dust blowers present.
  • Cutline is hard to see because of the thick foot.
  • The cutline is considerably harder to see on 450.


9. Makita XVJ01Z Brushless Jigsaw:

Makita XVJ01Z

For the ninth pick, we are bringing this Makita XVJ01Z jigsaw for some reasons including the brushless amazing design of barrel grip, and obviously, the amazing motor which brings some great speed cutting options. Additionally, it has four bevel cutting options which provide cutting at various angles simpler.

Despite the fact that rarely in the Makita jigsaws, this Makita XVJ01Z model accompanies the capacity of both T and U shanks installed for installing the separate sharp blades. This will permit you to work on both soft, delicate, and hard metals, for example, wood, and metals.

The brushless design of a Makita XVJ01Z barrel grip jigsaw is consistently lighter than the other jigsaws that will ease your work. Particularly when you are a beginner, this jigsaw is a much better choice to go with. The speed of this barrel grip jigsaw is 800 spm to 3500 spm you can control the speed with ease if you want and this is one of the finest brushless barrel handle jigsaws ever.

The Makita XVJ01Z Brushless Jigsaw delivers speed, power, and durability when handling general construction applications. This jigsaw features a powerful 15 AMP motor to handle the toughest cuts.

Makita XVJ01Z Main Features:

  1. The barrel-grip of this jigsaw also permits you to control it easily while working.
  2. Additionally, since it is a brushless and also cordless machine, it is quite helpful.
  3. The 18V motor doesn’t devour a ton of energy as others do.
  4. You can introduce both T and U shanks for introducing the separate sharp blades.
  • The Lesser burden on the energy bills.
  • U and T cutting blades supported.
  • Convenient to utilize.
  • This jigsaw also has a lightweight brushless design.
  • Costly when compared to others of this range.
  • Once more, on/off isn’t close to the grip.


10. Makita DJV181Z Best Cheap Jigsaw:

Makita DJV181Z

Makita DJV181Z Review The best cheap jigsaw on the market Makita’s budget-oriented jigsaw offering has been around for a while. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s outdated or useless in any way. On the contrary, the Makita DJV181Z is quite a capable machine, especially in terms of durability.

For a cordless jigsaw, the Makita gives undeniably more power than one might anticipate. With an spm range of 800 to 3500, this Makita jigsaw has a bigger range than most of the corded jigsaw versions on our top list.

The greatest spm of 3500 is likewise more remarkable than most of the corded jigsaws on our list. Be that as it may, the 18-volt motor, which is probably at least somewhat great, is still insufficient to make complete utilization of the DJV181Z’s magnificent spm range.

All things considered, this range will give a lot of versatility, and the apparatus won’t begin to struggle with thicker hardwoods until utilized for a brief period. It has no difficulty with other different materials though. In fact, this is the primary jigsaw that includes a pendulum stage cutting activity. Apparently, this is the setting that permits you to make exact cuts for carpentry.

This may also be to a limited extent brought about by the Makita’s 5.3 pounds which, while not actually heavy, could remain to slim down a little bit to be in the low weight ranges of the cordless jigsaw market.

Not everyone needs a high-end jigsaw, but most need a quality tool at an affordable price. The Makita DJV181Z is capable and complete in its features, while still remaining affordable

Makita DJV181Z’s Main Features:

  1. The motor power of this jigsaw is 18 volts.
  2. SPM speed in Makita is 800 to 3,500.
  3. The cutting depth is 1″.
  4. The Bevel capacity of this jigsaw is 45 degrees.
  5. The weight of the Makita is 3.5 pounds.
  • The most extreme speed of 3,500 is the third-best on our list and great for thicker hardwood.
  • Though the minimum could be a touch lower, the SPM range of 800 to 3,500.
  • The 3,500 most extreme SPM will likewise not generally be sufficient for thicker hardwoods because the power source is a battery.

Comparison  Barrel Grip Jigsaw vs D Handle Jigsaw.

Today we are looking at D handle jigsaw vs barrel grip jigsaw so we choose Milwaukee Barrel Grip Jigsaw 2737B-20 vs. Milwaukee D-Handle Jigsaw 2737-20 Tool. A couple of people ask me if I do this and I said I eat now if you have never tool due before from we are not actually run these tools we have independent reviews for each one of these small jigsaws. Watch the full video below


Buying Guide of Best Barrel Grip Jigsaw.

There are a lot of different jigsaw models on the market these days. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for your needs. When shopping for a barrel grip jigsaw, there are a few factors you need to consider.

  • Types of Blade

The first is the type of blade the jigsaw uses. There are three types of blades: T-shank, U-shank, and bayonet. Make sure the jigsaw you’re considering has blades that will work with the material you plan to cut.

  • Power

The second factor to consider is the power of the jigsaw. Jigsaws come in a variety of power levels, so make sure you get one that’s powerful enough for your needs. If you’re only using the jigsaw for light-duty projects, then a low-power model should be fine. However, if you’re planning to use the jigsaw for more heavy-duty projects, you’ll need a model with more power.

  • Stroke length (SPM)

The third factor to consider is the stroke length. This is the distance the blade travels when it’s cutting. The longer the stroke length, the greater the cutting capacity of the jigsaw. If you need to cut long, straight cuts in large pieces of wood, you’ll need a jigsaw with a longer stroke length.

  • Speed

The fourth factor to consider is the speed of the jigsaw. Generally speaking, the higher the speed on the dial of the jigsaw, the faster it will cut through your material. If you’re looking for more of an aggressive cut, you’ll want to choose a jigsaw with a higher speed setting.

  • Size and Weight

Finally, consider the size and weight of the jigsaw. You’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable to hold and doesn’t feel too heavy in your hands.


Handing a soft and delicate barrel grip jigsaws turns out to be much easier when it is lightweight and minimized and furthermore helps you in doing greater projects in a more modest time.

Just when you are not doing extraordinary with the budget shall you pick items other than Bosch, Makita, and Dewalt barrel grip jigsaw that are the best jigsaws. These two brands dominate at producing this specific niche and you would profit incredibly.

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