Best Jigsaw 2023 Top 9 Reviews – A Clean Cut Product Guide


Our Top Pick
Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws


  • Main Features: Variable Speed, Smooth Cutting
  • Benefits: Countertop, Woodworking

It’s one word that perfectly describes the Bosch JS470E: that means smooth. Plus, it doesn’t jump around, and the blade doesn’t grab. Moreover, it is the Best Jigsaw on the market for cutting curves Because it is entirely made for a smooth and straight cut.

Welcome to the Best Jigsaw guide of different brands that are portable, versatile, and easy to use for all purposes. Here are our top picks of Best Jigsaw which can be used for all purposes, is best for contractors, lightweight, budget-friendly, and easy to use. There are many models of jigsaw tools to choose from, and it can become almost confusing to decide which jigsaw is suitable for your needs.

Millions of questions will come to your mind when deciding to purchase a jigsaw. Do you need a cordless or corded? Are Blades easy to change or not? How much power does it need to work correctly?

However, we have done all the guesswork in finding the Best Jigsaw in 2022 machines to buy. Some jigsaws are smooth to use without shaking your arms apart, and other models are prone to heavy vibration. So, before you click the “buying button”, compare the jigsaws deeply.

We have made a list of the jigsaws reviewed in this article. Let us have a look below:

List of Best Jigsaw 2022 comparison:

Product ImageProduct NamePrice

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw – Top pickCheck Best Price

BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw – Best ValueCheck Best Price

DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw – Best CordlessCheck Best Price

Makita JV0600K JigSawCheck Best Price

PORTER-CABLE Jigsaw (PCE345)Check Best Price

Ridgid R8832B JigsawCheck Best Price

Tacklife PJS02 Corded jigsawCheck Best Price

SKIL 4495-02 JigsawsCheck Best Price

Festool 561608 JigsawsCheck Best Price

Top 9 Picks of Best Jigsaw 2022

1. Bosch JS470E  – Best Rated Jigsaws:

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw 2021

“Top pick”

This Best Jigsaw brand is used in commercial woodworking shops. It’s one word that perfectly describes in the Bosch JS470E review: that means smooth. Plus, it doesn’t jump around, and the blade doesn’t grab. Moreover, it is the Best Jigsaw on the market in 2022 for cutting curves Because it is entirely made for a smooth and straight cut.

With low vibration, the design doesn’t wear out the arms or make your arms tired. It is pleasant to operate, and you can set the speed according to your needs. Moreover, the trigger can be placed within the range. Plus, it can be locked to the top field, so you have got an impressive pick for the best woodworking jigsaw due to a 7-amp motor capable of up to 3,100 strokes per minute (SPM). And it is one of the Best Jigsaws under $200.  

However, no other model can beat its incredible set of features. But it is a rare beast and the best electric jigsaw. Together with six speeds, you can set from low to high-speed operation. Lastly, this has a one-year warranty that isn’t great, but it also protects manufacturer defects and I checked myself it is one of the best bosch jigsaws.

Any extra feature bosch produeces? Yes, bosch produces lots of models but this js470e model has produced a blower feature. Well, what does blower in the jigsaws? It will help you prevent air jets from blasting into your working area. You can set the angle of the blower in your preference. As a result, you will get clear lines at all times.


  • Convenient
  • 4 in 1 device
  • Smooth and straight cut
  • Secure and pleasant
  • Accuracy and comfortable
  • Smooth operation and Straight cut
  • Low-vibration design is more pleasant
  • Variable speed dial and trigger range
  • Top of the line price – beast expensive
  • Can’t lock the trigger to the prolonged speed range


2. BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw – Best Value Jigsaw:

BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw 2021

“Best Value”

It is a very affordable model and smart select jigsaw and the Best Jigsaw for beginners from BLACK+DECKER. The motor of this model is the 5-amp motor isn’t the best in class, but it’s respectable. Moreover, it can cut the materials easily because it reaches 3,000 SPM with a stroke length of 0.75 inches. The cuts of the jigsaw are clean, smooth, and accurate.

However, the trigger is variable speed. Unfortunately, there is no speed dial or ability to lock the speed so that the only adjustability can be done with the trigger.

There are different types of blades that are available but this model of the jigsaw shouldn’t be used with U-shank blades because it would no longer adequately hold U-shank blades. Though still held T-shank blades fine, so just be aware. Plus, it is lightweight and easily manageable, weighs 4.6 pounds only.

Lastly, it comes equipped with a two-year warranty for peace of mind and that’s why we think it’s the Best Jigsaw for the money and it is the all-time finest product.


  • Curve Control technology
  • 5 Amp variable-speed motor
  • 3,000 SPM of cutting power
  • Can make 45-degree bevel cuts
  • New and improved Wire Guard for more precise cuts with a Dust blower
  • Has a keyless blade clamp for tool-free blade change
  • Lightweight jigsaw
  • Affordable price
  • 3,000 SPM and not much vibration
  • No speed dial for locking trigger
  • Sometimes Blade-lock loosens up and won’t hold U-shank blades


3. DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw – Best Cordless:

DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw 2021

“Best cordless”

This model is a cordless tool, which offers more maneuverability. Moreover, it is easier to use than its corded counterparts. So if you want to buy a cordless tool, then the DeWalt 20V jigsaw is our choice for the best cordless jigsaw available in the market.

However, it is capable of 3,000 SPM, and the cordless DeWalt has a much blade speed and cutting power than its other corded competitors. Plus, the cuts of this cordless tool are smooth and clean, delivered with a 1-inch stroke length from a variable speed trigger.

Though it is slightly heavy, its weight is 5.4 pounds, without the battery. And after adding the battery, the total weight has become around 7 pounds. And this massive jigsaw could lead to fatigue if using it for long periods. However, it comes with a three-year warranty means this investment should stick around for many projects. And it has the Best Jigsaw blades 2022.

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback was painfully evident during use. Likewise, jigsaws are usually equipped with a blower, but the Dewalt cordless jigsaw does have a blower, which makes it completely ineffective.


  • All-metal lever-action keyless blade, with four positions orbital action
  • Battery & charger sold separately
  • No blower
  • Very heavy
  • Cordless jigsaw
  • Clean, smooth, accurate cuts
  • Three-year warranty / durable
  • 3,000 SPM
  • Very heavy with battery and battery and charger are an extra expense
  • Blower is ineffective


4. Makita JV0600K JigSaw – Best Jigsaw Brand:

Makita JV0600K JigSaw 2021

Makita is a well-known name in power tools. The Best Jigsaw reviews 2022 that Makita JV0600K jigsaw continues its tradition of high-quality tools due to its clean cuts and smooth feel. Moreover, at 5.2 pounds, it’s right in the middle of the pack in terms of weight because it is not too heavy to wear you out and not so light that it will bounce all over the place while you are working.

However, this is a powerful jigsaw at 6.5 amps, with high production (3,100 SPM at a stroke length of 0.75 inches) which is fantastic and most jigsaws can’t do. Though, it’s mighty but low in vibration due to its internal counterbalance system.

Plus, the through-body dust port allows for a vacuum hookup. But once it is attached, the vacuum sucks all sawdust through the body for giving you a clear view of your cut line. Although this is undoubtedly a great tool, it’s not without flaws. There is no trigger, and you can only set the speed by the dial. Additionally, it comes with a warranty of one year, and it is far from stellar.

Lastly, according to the manual, this saw only uses Makita type-B blades and it is also used for the best barrel grip jigsaw. But these are not as readily available. The blade is easily looked into the tool holder or pushing that looks into release is to turn the leaver on the side and ejects the blade so there is no need to touch a hot blade after use.


  • It comes with a 6.5 amp motor and 3 Orbital settings
  • Counterbalance system for less vibration
  • “Tool-less” means that blade change system for fast blade installation and removal
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor and 3,100 SPM
  • Low vibration for smooth and accurate operation
  • Through-body dust port with vacuum attachment for clear cut
  • No variable trigger attached
  • Only one-year warranty
  • Workable with Makita Type-B blades


5. PORTER-CABLE Jigsaw (PCE345):

PORTER-CABLE Jigsaw (PCE345) 2021

This weight at six pounds, but the Porter-Cable jigsaw is pretty stout and it is the best jigsaw under 100$. It has six amps, also, pretty intense. Moreover, this has a stroke length of 13/16″ and a max speed of 3,200 SPM. Surprisingly, this is one of the faster jigsaws available.

The PCE system is just perfect for your wide range of products so it does not matter if you are working on ceramic wood even meatal you can adjust the speed to fit your project and for orbit setting allows to check for the best cutting performance so you can handle a wide range of tasks.

However, it has a variable speed that can be controlled by a dial built into the trigger. But the trigger itself is not variable. Plus, it comes with a three-year warranty at an affordable price. It is the best professional jigsaw and one of the good jigsaws ever.

Unfortunately, it’s got some drawbacks, firstly the blade isn’t square, and it’s challenging to make a straight cut but it is a valuable product. And one of its other weaknesses is that it lacks a dust port and blows the sawdust right onto our faces, which makes it very difficult to see what you are cutting.


  • Seven ranges for speed dial integrated into the trigger
  • 6 AMP motor for more power with four orbital settings for a variety of materials
  • Lock-on button for long term-use
  • It has a tool-free blade change
  • Very fast at 3,200 SPM with a robust 6-amp motor
  • Three-year warranty and has an affordable price
  • No dust port blew dust into our faces
  • The blade wasn’t square
  • The trigger isn’t variable
  • Heavy


6. Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw:

Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw 2021

The Ridgid OCTANE 18V cordless jigsaw is pretty light for a cordless model. Ridged is at only 4.15 pounds. But it becomes heavier once the battery is added. Fortunately, it is lighter as compared to other cordless jigsaws. It is expensive but worth the price. Of course, it is excellent cordless and has the highest reviews.

Firstly, the brushless motors should lead a very long life, which this jigsaw leads. And LED light on the front makes it easy and accurate to see your cut line. The 3,500 SPM and 1-inch stroke length are on par with its other competitors. Luckily, it comes with a lifetime warranty and the Best Jigsaw for coping.

Unfortunately, the warranty, while excellent, is only available if you buy this tool from Home Depot, but if you buy it from any other site, it won’t give you a warranty. Its negative point is that don’t blow the dust away; it blows to your face.


  • Dust blower isn’t effective
  • This product ships with all relevant accessories
  • Costly product
  • LED light
  • Has a 3,500 SPM
  • LED light for clear cut
  • Dust blower isn’t effective
  • Home Depot gives warranty only
  • Expensive jigsaw
  • Must buy the battery separately


7. TacklifePJS02A Corded Jigsaw:

TacklifePJS02A Corded Jigsaw 2021

Now, we have the TACKLIFE PJS02A jigsaw. The best thing is that this model is an all-purpose jigsaw that covers all the bases and features. It is on the better end of the pricing range and known as the Best Jigsaw for contractors 2022.

Moreover, this jigsaw is best for corded jigsaw and it covers four positions with its orbital settings. Also, it allows for bevel cutting of up to 45°. Maybe, one of the best reasons for purchasing this jigsaw is that Tackllife has bundled it together.

Impressive jigsaw features and specs you can find on the PJS02A model. It is 6.7 amp, made of a pure copper motor with a 3,000 SPM cutting power ability. Plus, it is an integrated dust blower for more unobstructed sightlines. And adjustable in 6 variations of speed ranges.

However, it illuminates your line of cut for increased visibility. Plus, it’s precise with a built-in LED and laser guide.


  • LED + Laser & Dust Extraction
  • 3000 SPM Power& 6 Speed Settings and 4-Position Orbital Action
  • Tool-free Blade Changing
  • Switch Lock Design
  • Affordable jigsaw
  • Powerful at 6.7 amps, has a LED light
  • Dust port with vacuum connect for a clear cut
  • Blades tend to pop out
  • Difficult to make an accurate cut
  • Base scratches the surface when you’re cutting


8. SKIL 4495-02 Best handheld Jigsaw:

SKIL 4495-02 Jigsaws 2021

Skil 6.0-amp laser jigsaw is a very modestly priced tool.

Moreover, it is an excellent performance power tool made by the Skil Jigsaw manufacturers in 2022 that produces smooth cuts efficiently with the 13/16″ stroke length. Plus, it has a variable speed trigger. However, at 5 pounds, it’s lighter than many other jigsaw competitors for making it suitable for prolonged projects.

Though, it does feature a laser to mark your cut and make it easier to see. Hence, it’s more of a gimmick than a useful function. Furthermore, in daylight, you can barely see the beam which tends to drift off the proper path. These skin laser jigsaw cuts don’t end up straight! An LED would have been a better choice, but still, it is not a bad option to buy a laser jigsaw.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with this Skil jigsaw is the tension knob on the base, which gets loose during use. Also, this best rated jigsaw DIY allows the base to move. And because of the base movement, your cut will not be on an angle.

Moreover, the blades of this jigsaw also tended to wobble and aren’t fully secure. Some of the brands wouldn’t even lock in fully. Although, it is supposed to accept all U-shank and T-shank blades. For the most part, this jigsaw does operate very well. But it’s covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Powerful 6.0 Amp motor
  • Built-in laser guide
  • 4-position orbital cut control for fast cuts
  • Trigger adjusts speed to cut
  • Custom molded tool rest design
  • Robust six amps weigh pretty light at just five pounds
  • Affordably priced and has laser technology
  • The base tension knob gets loose, and blades tend to wobble
  • Some brands of blades didn’t fit, and the laser is more of a gimmick


9. Festool 561608 Portable Jigsaw:

Festool 561608 Jigsaws 2021

Firstly, This Festool Carvex jigsaw is an elephant size and needs a lot of space in the room that must be acknowledged. Secondly, THIS THING IS EXPENSIVE! But, it has a full package of features. Surprisingly you know what? As soon as you hold it, you notice that it weighs almost nothing. It has a featherweight of 16 ounces only, which is hard to imagine a lighter jigsaw.

Unfortunately, the top handle is fragile and not easy to hold for a long time. Also, it tends to be pretty jumpy. And if you look speed-wise, the Festool is hard to beat at 3,800 SPM. Moreover, there is a dial to set your speed range, and the variable trigger gives you an option to range it freely.

However, it comes with a three-year warranty that backs up that notion. Besides, the bright LED on the front and dust port on the rear connects to a dust extractor, so, that you can always see your clear cut line. On the market, most of the jigsaws feature a tilting base. Anyway, this one is awful and it is the best jigsaw for cutting metal, although it doesn’t tilt properly.


  • Blade speed is faster (max 3,800 strokes per minute)
  • Tool-free base with base insert platform for expanded capabilities
  • Triple blade guidance and splinter guards for tear-free cuts
  • Stroboscopic high-intensity LEDs for high blade visibility and precise cuts
  • Brushless motor technology for lightweight, power and longer service life
  • Super lightweight
  • 3,800 SPM with an LED on the front
  • The base doesn’t tilt properly and doesn’t stay stable
  • Very uncomfortable to handle and jumpy operation
  • Very high price

Tutorial Of Best Jigsaw in 2022:

Buying Guide Of Best Jigsaws:

Now that you’ve taken an overview of our picks for the top 10 Best Jig saw tool 2022 let’s get into what features make a jigsaw better and versatile. Moreover, this buyer’s guide will make your decision easier since you’ll know exactly what to look for. Make sure, to keep some things to keep in mind, and if you neglect them, you probably won’t be satisfied with your purchase.

Power (AMPs).

The best jigsaws’ power tool is rated in amps. And for the cordless ones, it’s usually rated in volts. Each jigsaw on this list provides ample power to make quality clear-cuts. However, there’s still a disparity present between the five amps produced by the lowest power model and seven amps made by the most powerful. However, this is going to have a significant effect on efficiency, also, on how thick of materials you’ll be able to cut the jigsaws.


To begin with, the weight of jigsaw sometimes when you’re in the zone working on your project, you can lose track of time easily. But with a massive heavy-duty jigsaw, those hours can add up, and you’ll start getting tired and feel fatigued much more than with a lighter jigsaw.

Moreover, this could even manifest in sore arms the next day. Keeping that in mind, there’s also a benefit to a heavier jigsaw. So, lighter jigsaws tend to jump around more from the cutting action of the blade. On the other hand, a heavier jigsaw may have an easier time achieving a smooth and straight-cutting operation. Hence, weight ranging from a meager one pound to a stout 7.7 pounds. The most important thing is weight while buying a jigsaw.

Motor Speed – Strokes per Minute (SPM).

The motor speed of a jigsaw is measured in strokes per minute (SPM). And faster speeds allow the jigsaw to give quicker and smoother cuts. While anything over 2,500 SPM should be sufficient, but some of the compact jigsaws offer far higher speeds than this.

Variable Speed.

It is essential to have precise control of your blade speed; you get better control of your cut. It makes it possible to make much cleaner, straight, and more accurate cuts. While every jigsaw on this list does feature variable speed. But, some models feature a variable speed trigger.

Indeed, jigsaw models combine these two approaches for the most flexible speed variability of them all. These all models use a speed select knob to select your maximum speed, and then the variable trigger that controls the speed within that range. However, these models also usually allow you to lock the trigger to the top speed of the range if you desire.

Blade Change.

Each of the jigsaws that earned its way onto our top picks is featuring tool-free blade changing. However, not all jigsaws on the market do have an option of blade change, so it’s worth mentioning.

Hence, this tool-free blade changing allows quick changes of the blade without touching the burning hot metal with your fingers. Finally, it is faster and more convenient.

Smooth Operation.

Furthermore, it essential to note that how does it feel when it operates? For a jigsaw, this can be a massive deal to break in or make in. So, a jumpy jigsaw with a blade that binds often and has a hard time jigsaw cutting straight will be frustrating than it’s worth. But some models of jigsaw feature’s low vibration which can make it much more efficient and easy to use, especially when you work on a long-term project.


Briefly, we have all of our jigsaw reviews featuring an orbital function. Though, it is an essential feature that’s not available on every jigsaw. By the name, an orbital jigsaw cuts in an orbital motion. This is more efficient than accurate straight-up and down-cutting patterns. Moreover, it’s superior for cutting thick pieces.


best jigsaw

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Jigsaw to Buy in 2022?

The DEWALT Jigsaw DC330B 18-Volt Cordless and Bosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw are the Best jigsaws power tools in the UK to buy.

What is the Best Bosch Jigsaw?

The Bosch JS470E is the top-rated jigsaws 2022 in the market today. For many years, the Bosch brand is known for engineering excellence, and they are making the most highly rated power tools.

How Thick can Jigsaw Cut?

Jigsaws work best for cutting softwood that is no more than one and a half inches. It can cut the thick and hardwood up to 3 to 4 inches and there are lots of woodworkers used to cut jigsaw.

What can You Cut with a Jigsaw?

All jigsaws can be used to make both straight and curved cuts in a massive variety of materials, including wood, particleboard, plywood, plastic, metal, and ceramic tile.

The Sum Up

After reviewing the top picks of Best Jigsaw 2022 models, you should have got a better idea of what is best for you and what’s not. All of these models are well priced, with some more budget-friendly than other models.

We suggest buying the DeWalt DCS331B best budget jigsaw and Bosch JS470Eas best cheap jigsaw they are our favorite ones. They are featuring an all-metal design that will be durable throughout their lifetime and as well as they have a variety of other features. Moreover, they are worth the price.

Thank you for visiting our site! Let us know what you think in the comments below, What is your opinion about the Best Jigsaws from our top picks!